Apple Faces Lawsuit Over Privacy Tracking

In a lawsuit filed by New York citizen and iPhone 13 owner Elliot Libman, Apple is accused of “utterly false” assurances that users are in control of what information they share when they use its stock iPhone apps.

Apple sends every tab you make

App developers and security researchers Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry from the software company Mysk recently found that iOS sends “every tap you make” to Apple from inside one of the company’s own apps. According to the developers, attempts to turn this data collection off, such as selecting the Settings option “disable the sharing of Device Analytics altogether” did not affect the data from being sent.

Illegally-Sent Data

With each new iPhone setup, you will be asked whether you are okay with Apple gathering analytics data. Of course, no analytics data will be transferred to Apple if you choose not to give your approval.

Mysk observed, however, that even with this option disabled, Apple applications were still collecting and transmitting the information. In fact, he saw no difference in the data sent regardless of whether the user granted or denied access.

Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit was filed on Thursday claiming that Apple’s actions violate the California Invasion of Privacy Act. The lawsuit doesn’t focus so much on the fact that Apple is collecting this data. The suit hones in on Apple’s settings, such as “Allow Apps to Request to Track” and “Share Analytics,” that give users the perception that they can disable such tracking.

Apple is being sued for allegedly breaking California’s Invasion of Privacy Act. 

According to the complaint, the plaintiff, Elliot Libman, stated, “Privacy is one of the main issues that Apple uses to set its products apart from competitors. But Apple’s privacy guarantees are completely illusory.”

The company’s catchphrase, “Privacy. That’s iPhone,” appears on billboards throughout the US.

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