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Heng Technology is a game development company locating in Chonburi, Thailand.

Tiny little Fly
Tiny Little Fly
tiny little tank
Tiny Little Tank
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Tiny Little game

Our goal

To bring people together from all over the world fostering a sense of community and social connection.

The company was established in October 2021 by gamers who always adhere to create something people love, keep innovating gaming experience, and commit to produce the world’s top gaming products.

News & Update

Adobe has unveiled its third AI tool as part of the Firefly family, which will enable users to quickly experiment with different colour schemes for illustrations.

ai replace jobs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation continue to make significant strides in the way we live and work. As these technologies become increasingly integrated into our daily lives

The gaming industry has witnessed significant advancements in recent years, with artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots playing a central role in shaping the future of gaming experiences. These cutting-edge technologies have the potential to transform how players engage with games, making them more immersive, interactive, and personalized than ever before. In this article, we will delve into the various ways AI-driven chatbots are enhancing gaming experiences, from in-game assistants and dynamic storytelling to customer support and player retention. Join us as we explore the exciting frontier of AI and chatbots in the gaming world and their impact on players and developers alike.

More Than Just Fun and Games

Online gaming has come a long way since its inception, evolving from simple text-based adventures to complex, multi-player virtual worlds. Today, millions of people around the world play online games for hours each day, building friendships, forming communities, and competing against one another. But the benefits of online gaming go far beyond just having fun

A new world of possibilities

Endless and continue to grow as technology advances. Few of the many possibilities that exist in the world of gaming such as Multiplayer Gaming, Virtual Reality (VR), Mobile Gaming,  Esports and Augmented Reality (AR)

Sharing ecosystem

Bring your friends, share what you love and be rewarded for it.

HENGTECH comes with two referral programs. One program rewards you for bringing new users to the platform, the other one pays you for promoting products sold on Ultra. Effective for gamers, influencers, and companies of any size, Ultra allows everyone to enjoy new streams of income by promoting the platform and its content.

Discover and interact

HENGTECH is the first entertainment platform designed from the ground up to let 3rd party companies publish their entertainment apps and services and gain access to a wide audience of gamers. HENGTECH helps gamers discover new entertainment venues they can instantly interact with without going through a new service account registration, safely, and effortlessly.