Tiny Little Deva : Kickstarter

Deva is a Tower Defense game created from our passion and love for the stories of deities. We have transformed these tales into a game.

deva tower

Status: Unreleased (expected Q4-2024)

Genre(s): Tower defense

Mode(s): Singleplayer

In the mystical world of Deva, heaven is under a relentless assault from monstrous forces seeking to overthrow divine order. As chaos threatens to engulf the realm, the Devas, powerful celestial beings, must unite and take up arms to protect their sacred home. “Deva – Guardians of the Divine Realm” is an epic tower defense game that merges the captivating elements of celestial warfare with strategic gameplay and card-powered tower enhancement mechanics.

Update !

funded 18 hour

DEVA Kickstarter Funded in Just 18 Hours!

We are thrilled to announce that the DEVA team has successfully surpassed their Kickstarter funding goal in an astounding 18 hours! With an initial target of $9,629, DEVA has already raised $10,494 and continues to attract more backers by the hour.