DEVA Kickstarter Funded in Just 18 Hours!

We are thrilled to announce that the DEVA team has successfully surpassed their Kickstarter funding goal in an astounding 18 hours! With an initial target of $9,629, DEVA has already raised $10,494 and continues to attract more backers by the hour.

Congratulations to the DEVA Team and Supporters!

This rapid success is a testament to the team’s hard work, passion, and dedication. DEVA, a Tower Defense game inspired by the captivating stories of deities, has clearly resonated with the community. The transformation of these rich tales into an engaging game has sparked immense interest and support.

Rewards that Spark Enthusiasm

One of the reasons behind DEVA’s Kickstarter triumph is the amazing range of rewards available to our backers. The beautifully crafted art toys featuring Vessavanna, Ganesha, and Pixiu have been a huge hit, drawing attention and appreciation from our supporters. Additionally, backers have shown great interest in other rewards like the exclusive DEVA t-shirts, showcasing the game’s stunning artwork and design.

Looking Ahead

As DEVA continues to gather momentum, we are excited to welcome even more backers on this thrilling journey. The team’s remarkable achievement in such a short time is setting a promising tone for the game’s future development and success.

Act now!

The project is still ongoing, and there’s still time to back this exciting venture. Congratulations once again to the DEVA team and all the backers who have made this journey possible. Your combined efforts have brought this passionate project to life, and we are eagerly anticipating DEVA’s evolution into an extraordinary gaming experience.Stay tuned for more updates, and a huge thank you for supporting DEVA!